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Painted Concrete

Design and sculpture in the public areas

Street Carpet | Ben-Sira Rug

Ben-Sira st.| Jerusalem

The Ben-Sira Rug installation simulates a rug spread across both sides of the street on Ben Sira Street in Jerusalem. Its route contains a preserved structure from the Ottoman Period. The Ben-Sira Rug is a jigsaw puzzle assembled from concrete tiles cast from molds that simulate the texture of a woven rug.

Gamla Square | Hadera

A traffic circle at the entrance to Eco-Park

Since 2017, the sculpture has stood in this new neighborhood, at the entrance to Hadera’s Eco-Park. It corresponds through its naive and detailed language with the surroundings of the youthful and family-oriented population that inhabits the neighborhood.

Cubes with nostalgia and personal interpretation, which find expression in the choice of fabrics and patterns printed upon the concrete as an illusion of softness in manual labor.

The composition and variety of the patterns and images are intended to create a sense of naivety and childhood memories.

Tsukim Square

Ein Hayam | Hadera

Concrete elements placed on a traffic circle at the intersection of Rehavam Ze’evi and Ha-Tsukim Streets in the ‘Ein Hayam’ neighborhood in Hadera.

The Hadera Municipality ordered the sculpture in cooperation with the Hadera Economic Development Corporation in 2017.

Bruce Rappaport Traffic Circle

Efron St.|Rambam Medical Center|Haifa

A traffic circle that passes adjacent to the Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine and the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital borders the shoreline and Haifa Bay in the background. The Municipality of Haifa commissioned the circle through its Yefe Nof City Development Company in memory of the late Bruce Rappaport, who, as a benefactor, contributed extensively to the fields of science and medicine in the city.

Concrete pillows installation | Touch Me

Safra Sq.| Jerusalem

The installation is from the   “Showplace” project as part of the city’s 2012 efforts to revitalize and develop the city’s center.

The Jerusalem Municipality initiated the project in collaboration with the Jerusalem Development Authority and “Eden” – the Jerusalem City Center Development Company.

Pebbles | Eilat Mountains

the 'Eilat Bypass' Cycling Trail


The installation was installed in November 2009 along the ‘Eilat Bypass’ Cycling Trail. The Eilat Municipality ordered a total of 15 concrete shapes intended for seating. The sculptures I designed and shaped in the form of enlarged and wet pebbles that resemble the shades of ‘Eilat Stone,’ a stone from which copper is produced in the region.




I chose to engage in objects placed in the public sphere and the experience of the viewer’s encounter with the works. This experience blurs the boundary between inside and outside and gives material for thought concerning what home is and the public space, and where we are in the seam between them.