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Pebbles | Eilat Mountains

The installation was installed in November 2009 along the ‘Eilat Bypass’ Cycling Trail. The Eilat Municipality ordered a total of 15 concrete shapes intended for seating. The sculptures I designed and shaped in the form of enlarged and wet pebbles that resemble the shades of ‘Eilat Stone,’ a stone from which copper is produced in the region. The sculptures are used as benches for the many athletes and pedestrians who visit the 5-kilometer trail adjacent to the Eilat Mountains.

The benches are hand-sculpted, and each body has a unique shape and color that gives a natural sensation and feel. The work process is comprised of layers of concrete and various coatings that, on the one hand, give strength and a natural shine on the other. The benches are designed to give an organic, amorphous, non-repetitive feeling. They are situated in groups and “communicate” with each other through the composition relating to the surrounding space, landscape, and scenery.

The sculptures are painted in shades of teal and black, contrasting with the mountains and the desert, using pigments and minerals that are extremely resistant to heat, sunlight, water, and low temperatures that frequent the area during the winter days.