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Bruce Rappaport Traffic Circle | Efron Street | Rambam Medical Center | Haifa

A traffic circle that passes adjacent to the Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine and the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital borders the shoreline and Haifa Bay in the background. The Municipality of Haifa commissioned the circle through its Yefe Nof City Development Company in memory of the late Bruce Rappaport, who, as a benefactor, contributed extensively to the fields of science and medicine in the city.

Two concrete spheres with contrasting shades and arteries.

It was significant to preserve a sense of harmony between the elements and the seashore landscape on the one hand and an urban landscape on the other.

The work process is comprised of layers of concrete and various coatings that, on the one hand, give strength and a natural shine on the other.


Work process

Textures and close ups